Turn [ON\OFF] All browser plugins

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Turn [ON\OFF] All browser plugins

Post by Toady » Thu Feb 23, 2017 1:45 pm

To turn this feature ON\OFF do the following below.

Disable browser plugins (Disable all plugins) (Browser Restart Required):

The setting item for Disable browser plugins is controlled by a Boolean preference in the options menu & about:config, If set to true the Disable browser plugins setting item will be enabled, If set to false the Disable browser plugins setting item will be disabled.

Note: This preference requires a browser restart for the changes to take effect.
Note: This setting overrides the plugin white-list , java plugin settings, flash plugin settings and silverlight plugin settings

Preference Value:

Code: Select all

plugins.disabled True\False
Options Page:
Preference item can be found under Options\Advanced\Features, Under Browser Plugins Disable browser plugins.
Preference Window
Preference in tab
All plugins disabled warning (Cyberfox 52.0)
This will enable|disable all browser plugins (Browser Restart Required)

This feature is available from 47.0*

Important: In Cyberfox 52.0 all browser plugins are disabled by default

This feature is windows only

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