Turn [ON\OFF] Silverlight browser plugin

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Turn [ON\OFF] Silverlight browser plugin

Post by Toady » Tue Jan 24, 2017 5:33 pm

To turn this feature ON\OFF do the following below.

Enable silverlight browser plugin. (Browser Restart Required):

The setting item for Enable silverlight browser plugin is controlled by a Boolean preference in the options menu & about:config, If set to true the Enable silverlight browser plugin setting item will be enabled, If set to false the Enable silverlight browser plugin setting item will be disabled.

Note: This preference requires a browser restart for the changes to take effect.
Note: The silverlight plugin can be disabled standalone and stay disabled regardless of the plugin whitelist setting.

Preference Value:

Code: Select all

plugin.silverlight_allowed True\False
Options Page:
Preference item can be found under Options\Advanced\Features, Under Browser Plugins Enable silverlight browser plugin.
Preference Window
Preference in tab
This will enable|disable the silverlight browser plugin (Browser Restart Required)

Important: Currently set enabled by default in cyberfox 51.0 but as of cyberfox 52.0 it's default state will be disabled, Users will have to enable the plugin if they want to use it.

This feature is windows only


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