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Start Cyberfox In Safemode

Post by Toady » Fri Mar 08, 2013 12:29 pm

How to start in safe-mode

• Press and hold the shift key and double click the cyberfox or firefox icon.
• Go to the application's menu select the help tab then select ( restart with addon's disabled ).
• Press Windows Key + R to open up the run command then type this ( "%ProgramFiles%\Cyberfox\Cyberfox.exe" -safe-mode ) hit enter.
• Press Windows Key then type CMD & hit enter to open command prompt window then type this ( "%ProgramFiles%\Cyberfox\Cyberfox.exe" -safe-mode ) hit enter then type exit hit enter.
• Add -safe-mode to the desktop shortcut the sam way you would run profile manager.
• Or download this pre-done shortcut file [link=" ..." : "Safemode Shortcut"][/link].


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