Issue with uBlock Origin - FYI

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Issue with uBlock Origin - FYI

Post by lcbj » Wed May 09, 2018 5:02 am

I had an issue with uBlock Origin not working on a specific website. Below is my post in the uBO support subreddit and the developer's response.

(TL;DR - If you're using uBlock Origin, switch to the legacy version.)

Can't use uBlock Origin on Please help? (self.uBlockOrigin)
submitted 1 day ago by lcbj75

I'm using Windows 10, Cyberfox 52.7.2 and uBlock Origin 1.16.4. When I go to I can get to the home page but can't get anywhere beyond that. If I left-click on a link nothing happens. If I right-click and open in a new tab it works fine.

If I turn off uBlock on my toolbar the same thing happens - nothing works. But if I go to my Add-ons page and disable it there, then all links on work fine.

I tried enabling uBlock, going to Options, going to the Filter lists and disabling them and re-enabling them one at a time. Then I tried disabling uBlock from the toolbar and going through each filter again, one by one. Nothing worked. Then I went back to the Add-ons page, disabled uBlock there and worked fine again.

After doing all these things I have to think that there's something happening deeper in the app than just the filters but I'm already way past the point of knowing what I'm talking about. Help?

[–]gorhill4 2 points 3 hours ago

I tried with the Tor browser, which is based on FF52ESR, and I can reproduce your issue. It's caused by a Firefox issue present in WebExtensions framework before FF57, as described here. Two possible solutions:

Use the Firefox/legacy version of uBO, until Cyberfox moves to Firefox 60 ESR.

Enable multiprocess -- the issue you suffer is because multiprocess is disabled and the site is now doing something which triggers the issue, this one I believe: However enabling multiprocess is not the solution if you are still using legacy extensions.

Firefox keeps moving forward, and so will the forks anyway over time, and countless issues of all sorts have been solved since FF52 (including performance ones). Frankly the best advice I can give to anyone is to just use the latest official Firefox release, it really works best and multiprocess makes the browser more snappy.

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Re: Issue with uBlock Origin - FYI

Post by MCLawrence74 » Sat May 26, 2018 7:48 pm

I have no issue going into homedepot and accessing the area you are not able to do so. I am using cyberfox's latest build and a ton of addons. Must be something on your end.

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