[Released] Cyberfox 52.9.0

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[Released] Cyberfox 52.9.0

Post by Toady » Wed Jun 27, 2018 8:49 am

Cyberfox 52.9.0 has been released

Please also be patient for our other official mirrors to update there content.
For optimal download speed please use Sourceforge mirrors.

New: (52.9.0)
Security release

New: (52.8.0)
Security release
New light/dark compact lightweight theme now enabled
Removed plugin check url, plugin page no longer active by mozilla
Disable the video stats to prevent fingerprinting
Fixed user-agent issue with addons.mozilla.org, user-agent override

New: (52.7.4
Security release

New: (52.7.2)
Security release

New: (52.7.1)
Security release

New: (52.7.0)
Security release

New: (52.6.1)
Bug release

New: (52.6.0)
Security release
Show (32bit) or (64bit) in about Cyberfox version number
Check for updates button logic when no internet connection
Highlight system plugins in grey defining them from regular installed plugins. (Usability Update)
Lazy load some modules to help reduce startup time

New: (52.5.2)
Security release

New: (52.5.1)
Security release

New: (52.5.0)
Security release

New: (52.4.1)
Bug release
Closing tabs with middle mouse click now closes last tab of window
Remove duplicate registry entries if using Mozilla standard installer when uninstalling
Block-listing of known third party applications causing crashes for some users

New: (52.4.0)
Security release
Don't show installed language packs in about:debugging#addons
Removed Google Analytics on about:addons discovery page

New: (52.3.0)
Security release

New: (52.2.1)
Bug release

New: (52.2.0)
Security release

New: (52.1.3)
Bug release

New: (52.1.2)
Security release

New: (52.1.1)
This update installers are now signed again with a new digital certificate
Usability update for plugins preference settings
Improved localization changes for Cyberfox custom settings in browser preferences
Many improvements for Linux builds thanks to @hawkeye116477

New: (52.1.0)
Note: Installers are not signed and certificate has expired

New: (52.0.4)
Bug release

New: (52.0.3)
Bug release

New: (52.0.2)
Security release

New: (52.0.1)
Misplaced double quotation in search plugins list.json in Ukrainian (UA) Language Pack causing no search plugins learn more
Typographical error in Chinese (Traditional) language item causing confusion.

New: (52.0)
Removed Windows Vista support from cyberfox learn more
Set all plugins out of the box to disabled by default learn more
Toggle SilverLight plugin default enabled state to false learn more
Show notification on plugins page when all plugins disabled
New option to toggle browser startup after browser update

Cyberfox and its future direction

Important update information:

See all important notifications and information about this release here https://cyberfox.8pecxstudios.com/notifications/

Release information:

Code: Select all

Cyberfox 52.9.0

    Reference link to Cyberfox 52.6.1 release notes
    Reference link to Cyberfox 52.7.0 release notes
    Reference link to Cyberfox 52.7.1 release notes
    Reference link to Cyberfox 52.7.2 release notes
    Reference link to Cyberfox 52.7.4 release notes
    Reference link to Cyberfox 52.8.0 release notes

    Fixed: Bug 1464063 - Remove sdp_getchoosetok
    Updated: HSTS preload list update from host
    Updated: Blocklist update from host
    Fixed: Bug 1464039 - Reject some invalid transforms in qcms
    Fixed: Bug 1464079 - Bring ICE connection state change callback up to spec
    Fixed: Bug 1468217 - Add "SettingContent-ms" to the list of executable file extensions
    Fixed: Bug 1436241 - Check redirect status code before forwarding to NPAPI
    Fixed: Bug 1464039 - Only reject qcms transform with invalid grid size if the transform function uses the grid size
    Fixed: Bug 1369771 - Confirm launch of executables other than .exe on Windows
    Fixed: Bug 1458048 - Cherry pick usersctp rev 8789a6da02e2c7c03522bc6f275b302f6ef977fe
    Fixed: Bug 1413868 - Fix broken mingw-w64 build
See full release notes for links to information
Release notes

Pre-Released information
Hi everyone

Cyberfox 52.9.0 will become available shortly, Now the Cyberfox update from 52.8.0 - 52.9.0 is a major [Highly Recommended] security release.

For information about the current changes made to cyberfox you can check out the Release notes
Need help working out what status messages are and what they mean click this link here.

Status: Released

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Re: [Released] Cyberfox 52.9.0

Post by damsko » Thu Jun 28, 2018 6:45 am


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Re: [Released] Cyberfox 52.9.0

Post by spacedrone808 » Fri Jun 29, 2018 3:34 am

Last one?

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