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  • Home of cyberfox web browser powered by Mozilla source code
  • Home of GetHash
  • Plus many more applications & helpful information.
Current Projects:
  • Cyberfox web browser amd\intel x64
  • Cyberfox web browser portable amd\intel
  • Cyberfox version amd\intel x86
  • Cyberfox update manager
  • Gethash sha512 tool
  • Profile buddy
  • Clone it firefox addon
  • Restart my fox firefox addon
  • language manager firefox\cyberfox addon.
  • Forget It a google chrome extension.
  • DirectForge firefox addon (Discontinued).
  • Tiny menu button firefox addon (Discontinued).
  • Scriptoff cyberfox addon (Discontinued).
  • Restart my chrome a google chrome extension (Discontinued).

About 8pecxstudios

Who are we..

My names toady and i am a single developer working hard to provide you with a great products that are safe, clean and reliable.

My goal one day is to work in the gaming industry designing and building video games.

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