Cyberfox Update Manager


Update Manager For Cyberfox x86|x64

Cyberfox update manager allows users to automatically & easily check and update cyberfox web browser, It has many features listed below and is a great utility for people who like to keep there web browsers up to date.

Cyberfox update manager is built with visual basic using .Net framework 4.5 allowing maximum compatibility from windows vista to windows 8/8.x x64.


  • Ability to see the latest versions change log.
  • Download the latest version.
  • Automatically check once a week..
  • Download and install updates.
  • Download package file size.
  • SHA512 hash checking.
  • Turn features On\Off.
  • Choice between AMD or Intel optimized versions.
  • Explore its many features.
  • Read why we have our own update system

Important Notice:
Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5 is required for the Update Manager to work and function correctly. You can download Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5 from this link. Download Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5

Note: For installed version only, Not for cyberfox portable!

Cyberfox Update Manager x64


Cyberfox Update Manager x64
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