Hooray! Your Cyberfox is up to date. 26.0.0

Whats New In Cyberfox?

Latest Build Info:

Cyberfox 26.0.0

  • New: Full Removal of About:healthreport to improve performance.
  • New: Ability to turn off clone current tab, clear ram cache and restart browser.
  • New: Built and added back an older style download user interface see post..
  • Updated: Installation medium to latest version with better windows 8 support for start tile screen.
  • Fixed: Small issue with rounded corners on app-menu button on windows touch screen tablets. (Changed back to rectangular button)
  • Know Issues: Old download manager right click copy download link currently not working…
  • Know Issues: Clicking the downloads button on about:home page launches newer style download manager…
  • See Mozilla Official. Release Notes For Bug Fixes & Current Issues With Firefox 26.0.0 Source.
  • Critical: 26.0.0: Security fixes can be found here
  • Thank You Everyone For Your Support This Project Is Powered By You.